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“Trust and Believe you are Beautiful…God does not make mistakes”

Director/Producer D.Channsin Berry is back with “DARK GIRLS 2…Deep, Dark and Perfect”

Berry says…”I’m concentrating more on the triumphs and the beauty on Dark and Light Skin Women and Girls. There will be still some stories of pain and heartache, because many Women and Young girls are still dealing with lack of self-esteem issues because of Colorism. The Big question is… How can Women and Girls get to the place of HEALING and become their higher selves? so, they make better decisions about their lives. So, the documentary film will feature REAL Women, Historians and other Professionals and their recommended procedures for moving past the pain.

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Women who are forging their own path and leading the way

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Tico Armand

Activist / Motivational Speaker / Philanthropist

Born in one of the poorest but richest islands in the western hemisphere, Tico likes to remind the world that as a pioneer, Haiti fought for freedom and granted that freedom to Blacks around the world. The first black republic to gain its independence, Haiti has instilled in Tico the fervor and poise that keeps her grounded and lifted at the same time. Searching for a place to share her inner greatness with the world, Tico came to the United States and migrated to Brooklyn, New York, where, without the guidance of a mother or father, she empowered herself and embraced life as it was.

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